What we do…

At St. John of the Cross, we are a community of believers that come together to Worship, to enjoy the fellowship of friends and new acquaintances. The tone we strive for in worship might be described as warm and spirit filled.  Our form of worship is the Holy Eucharist (also known as the Mass, the Holy Communion, and the Lord’s Supper), according to Rite II of the Book of Common Prayer. The 9:30 Sunday service includes hymns, choruses, and instrumental music.

It is one thing to learn about or talk about God; but that knowledge about God must be nurtured and mentored into a deeper relationship. We actively take part in the development of our Spiritual lives through Christian Formation, Worship, and also try to live out our Christian lives by Serving the Church and Serving In the Community. It is a lifelong journey to be the hands and feet of Christ to the world and to bring the love of God to friend and stranger.

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