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Good Friday service 6pm

We will walk the path that Mary, Mother of Jesus walked on the Via Dolorosa. Mary’s Way of the Cross was written by Richard G. Furey, C.Ss.R.

Mary, Mother of Jesus, stayed through out the vigil, she followed his steps. She saw his pain. She saw his agony. These stations attempt to present her thoughts. As we see through Mary’s eyes what Jesus went through on the way to Calvary.

May we enter into the suffering of Christ in such a new way so that we might find through this spiritual journey a new appreciation of what Christ did for us.

Join us for this special night of worship.

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Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday (“Holy Thursday”) Worship Service at 7pm April 5th.

Maundy Thursday is a day when we remember a number of events, specifically, the institution of the Last Supper, The betrayal, agony in the garden, arrest, and trial. Maundy comes from the Latin word “mandatum” meaning “commandment” as on this night Christ gave us a new commandment: that we love one another as He has loved us. Maundy Thursday is the Thursday before Easter, commemorating Jesus Christ’s Last Supper and his washing of his disciples’ feet. Join us for this special service; we will incorporate washing of the hands as well as washing of the feet during this service. (both are optional).

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Holy Week

Dear Friends in Christ,

Six weeks. Six weeks can either fly right by or take forever. I suppose it all depends on what we’re waiting for. I remember when I was teaching the last six weeks of school would pass by so slowly. Yet six weeks of summer vacation seem to fly right by. Likewise the six weeks before Christmas – zoom by at lightning speed. And the six weeks of Lent seem to go by in slow motion.

I suppose it is all in our perspective. These past six weeks of Lent has been a deliberate time of reflection. They have been a time of intentionality. I hope the time has been fruitful for you. I have very much enjoyed our fellowship and time of worship. We learned of the symbols of the church, we sang, we prayed and we shared.

And now we enter the final week ― Holy Week ― we remember the events of Christ’s final days and God’s sacrifice for our salvation. I hope that you will commit to the services offered during Holy Week. As we gather and worship through these sacred events may we come to the celebration of Easter with an even greater joy of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We know the cross was not the final word. With Easter we look to the resurrection of Christ. With Easter we look to new life – a new season – new season in the church and a new season in each of us.

Oh and speaking of new life…Each day is a bit longer, a bit warmer, a bit sunnier, and new signs of life are popping up everywhere. As much as I love winter I do look forward to the bursts of spring. Did you notice our ‘Saints’ are blooming! If you recall last All Saints Day we planted bulbs in memory of loved ones… the Saints that had gone before us. The bulbs were planted under the tree at the church entrance. The saints are a bloomin’! The flowers are a wonderful symbol of this new season and give us signs of new life.

Alleluia! The Lord is Risen. The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!

With my deepest gratitude for all that you do and all that you are, I am…

Yours in Christ,

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Lenten Schedule

We will gather for fellowship and a hearty soup supper on the Wednesdays in Lent. Our liturgy on Wednesdays will vary from Taizé, Liturgy from Enriching our Worship (EOW), and a healing service. For those interested, there will be a Bible study beginning at  5:15 pm, followed by supper at 6:30 pm and worship at 7:00 pm. I hope you will join us.

Worship Services are:
February 29 Enriching our Worship
March 7 Taizé
March 14 Healing service
March 21 Taizé
March 28 Enriching our Worship

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