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Vacation Bible School

St. John of the Cross is participating in the Bristol Community Vacation Bible School this year. SAVE THE DATES OF SUNDAY, JULY 29 THROUGH THURSDAY, AUGUST 2 for this. VBS is for children age 4 up through 8th grade. The program runs from 5:45-8:30 each evening and will be held at the Methodist Church in Bristol. All children (including your kids or grandkids who may not live in the area) are welcome to attend. Last year’s attendance averaged just over 300 participants per night! A free meal is also served every evening to all participants.  Anne Raftree is the St. John of the Cross contact person for information. Registration forms will be available at the church.

The theme for this year is “SKY.” As you can imagine, it takes a lot of preparation to get ready for such a large event. Volunteers are needed to help make the props (clouds, raindrops, paper airplanes, etc.), serve the meals during VBS evenings, and set up and take down the props and scenery. In the coming months I will be letting you know how St. John’s parish family can help. What a wonderful community outreach project to help all the children in our area learn more about God’s love!

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No Easter Day Sunday School

On Easter Sunday, April 8, all children will remain in the church service to celebrate with their families. An Easter egg hunt will follow the service. If you have an Easter basket at home, feel free to bring it with you to church.

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