Welcome to the season of Epiphany!

Dear Friends in Christ,

Happy New Year! Welcome to the season of Epiphany!

I hope that the preparations made in Advent have brought you closer to Christ. As we enter into this New Year I pray that your relationship with Jesus is foremost in your life.

As we gather together for the annual meeting January 19th we will reflect upon the year past and look ahead to the year to come. May we look with eyes of faith that we will remain steadfast in our service to those in our community. May we look with eyes of hope and holy anticipation that we might see new ways to serve those around us. May we also look to the year ahead with excitement and holy expectation: What might this year bring to St. John of the Cross? What does God call us to be this coming year? How might we live into that calling?

May we look to the future with hope, faith and trust that God will lead the way.

With my deepest gratitude for all that you do and all that you are, I am..

Yours in Christ,

I leave you with prayer – a thought for a New Year.

“All marks of time are an illusion, but even illusions have their place, so I step over this threshold, with a reminder of God’s timeless grace. May the days ahead bring you the challenge to be who you are called to be. May they offer you a warm hand of healing when you hurt, strength in every struggle, the sheer joy of new discovery. May you know the peace that passes understanding, the hope that lifts your spirit to new horizons. May you know love. May your talent be tested. And may the paths you follow, the causes you embrace, the truths you tell, bring you closer to the meaning of your tomorrow.”

“Cloud Walking A Spiritual Diary” The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston. RedMoon Publications, Oklahoma City OK 2013

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