Come, Holy Spirit, and renew in us the fire of your love

Dear Friends in Christ,

In our season of Eastertide we heard the promise of the coming of the Advocate, the Holy Spirit.   And as the story continues… this month we celebrate The Day of Pentecost. We will witness of the giving of the Spirit and the power of the Spirit as the disciples speak with great conviction. They will go from being timid to being transformed. We will hear Peter speak boldly empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Christians consider the Day of Pentecost to be the birthday of the church because from that moment on, the disciples carried the message of Christ all over the world.  From that point on, a new community of faith was formed.  Jesus empowered that community of faith with new ways of speaking and hearing that the world had never before experienced.  It is a community of faith that is still with us today.

How will we be transformed? How will be we empowered?  How will we let the Holy Spirit enter our lives…break in and transform us?  How will we speak of our faith in ways that our community will come to know Christ?

On Pentecost Sunday, the liturgical colors change to red to symbolize the tongues of flame and the Holy Spirit.  During the Season after Pentecost our liturgical colors will be green.  The color green signifies our growing relationship with the risen Christ.

This Season is the longest period we have in the liturgical church year and it will begin on Sunday, May 19, 2013.  The Season of Pentecost ends at the Season of Advent, December 1, 2013.    We enter the season of Pentecost and call it Ordinary Time. It seems odd that we go from this pinnacle event of Pentecost and then call the remaining church year as ordinary.  Nothing is ordinary about the Holy Spirit.

Nothing is ordinary about the God we serve.  God takes the ordinary and makes it extra-ordinary.  How might we take this ordinary time and make it extraordinary?

In this season of Ordinary Time we will have a Free Community Meal, Strawberry Festival, August Trunk Sale, Tea with Ruth and Soup for Success, Fall Bazaar, Pantry Sunday, Trunk or Treat, Mass on the Grass and Picnic, Blessing of the Animals, just to name a few ordinary events.  May we find time in this coming season to let the Holy Spirit breathe new life into us and change our times to extra-ordinary!

Come, Holy Spirit, and renew in us the fire of your love. Fill us with holy expectancy as we gather in the name of Jesus. Give us a passion for the Gospel, a heart for the lost, a willingness to do whatever it takes, and a commitment to one another. Stir up Your power within us, encourage us, empower us as disciples who make disciples for Jesus’ sake. Amen

With my deepest gratitude for all that you do

and all that you are, I am…

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Carol+

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