Dear Friends in Christ,

Lent is a season of reflection. It comes from an old English word meaning “a lengthening.” And as the days become longer, we watch for signs of spring when nature sings a song of renewed life, energy and growth.

During lent we are called upon to reflect together as a community of faith on the final weeks of Christ’s ministry. We remember His betrayal, arrest, and suffering upon the cross. And we look to Easter Sunday with hope.

Lent is a time for us to reflect individually on our own discipleship. Perhaps you have taken on a new devotion or discipline for this time. You may have chosen to give up something.

Whatever your Lenten practice is this year I pray that it will deepen your relationship with Christ. With Christ as our compass on this Lenten journey may we pick up our crosses and follow Him and walk these 40 days with the assurance of Christ’s love and with the hope of renewal.

With my deepest gratitude for all that you do and all that you are,
I am… Yours in Christ Rev. Carol+

Arthur Lichtenberger, presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church from 1958-1964:

Fast from criticism, and Feast on praise;
Fast from self-pity, and Feast on joy;
Fast from ill temper, and Feast on peace;
Fast from resentment, and Feast on contentment;
Fast from jealousy, and Feast on humility;
Fast from pride, and Feast on love;
Fast from selfishness, and Feast on service;
Fast from fear, and Feast on faith.

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