Advent message

Dear Friends in Christ,
As I write this letter, I wish it were snowing for it makes writing the December – Advent letter much easier. It helps in the preparing for the season.

The first snow of the season is always exciting. Well ok it is exciting for those of us who love winter and love snow. And so we make our preparations. We prepare for the season of winter… get out the winter coats, hats and gloves, prime the snow blower, find the shovels and mark the driveway with the orange poles awaiting the big storm!

And so it is in this season of Advent as we prepare for the coming of Christ. There is always the tension of the season: The now and not yet. Christ has come into the world and we await his coming. There is a tension in what the world would have us think and do during this season and what Christ would have us do. And so we live in the tension and we know in our hearts how Christ would have us live and do our best to live His way.

As I reflect upon this season of Advent I am ever mindful of the great blessing it is to serve at St. John of the Cross Episcopal Church. This will be our second Christmas together. I pray this season will bring a new sense of purpose and service.

So in this season amidst all the preparations may you find time to rest, to reflect and ponder all these things in your heart and may Christ enter in

May the true gifts of this season be yours:
The gift of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love
that is found in One born in Bethlehem,
Christ Jesus our Lord.

With my deepest gratitude for all that you do and all that you are, I am…
Yours in Christ,

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