Dear Friends in Christ,

Is it just me or does the end of the month seem to come earlier and earlier each month? It has been a busy September. Howe School is in full swing and our Wednesday Bible study has resumed. We had a great ladies luncheon at Olive Garden. We received new members, Michael and Cyd Sunday this past month. Thank you for those who helped with the reception for Bishop Little and our new members. It is always a good time to be with our Bishop.

Bishop Little and I were colleagues in California. He was part of my discernment process in the Diocese of San Joaquin. It was by Bishop Little’s invitation that I came to the Diocese to Northern Indiana. So I am always inspired by his message and his witness to Christ in his life and grateful for his friendship.

October looks like an even busier month. I will be traveling to The National Cathedral for the Acolyte Festival October 6th. The Archdeacon George Douglass will be our presider. We will celebrate St. Francis – The blessings of the animals on Sunday October 14th at LoveWay Therapeutic Riding Stables. We will hold a joint service with the Cadets from Howe. Bring your pets for a blessing. And the cadets will lead the service that day… as readers and choir. I have asked the Cadets to split and leave a few seats at each table for ‘parish folks’. We have students from all over the world. Enjoy some lively conversation!

Thank you for all those who traveled to Donaldson, for the Art Show. I hope you enjoyed the colors of fall along the way. I hope you enjoyed the exhibit.

Having an art exhibit has been an interesting learning experience. I arrived at the Gallery Tuesday evening and unpacked the van. After a light supper, Sr. Mary took me to the studio and I began to lay out the carvings. I had envisioned where I thought things might go. She told me, that Wednesday Sr. Nancy would help me with the layout. Once everything was laid out I went over to the residence and went to bed. In the morning, Nancy had already been hard at work arranging. She met me with… “now don’t be upset we moved a few things”. A few things…they moved everything! I told her all was fine… as I have never set up an art show. By mid-afternoon I was beginning to see her vision. I really could see how… the pieces were coming together. And that sometimes …less is more and more …well it is just more. We didn’t use all the pieces and that really did make sense.

At three o’clock we stopped. In fact the community stops for 30 minutes. Sr. Nancy leads centering prayer at the residence. Though we still had a lot left to do and I only had that day to set up, I stopped. I will tell you I was torn between continuing to set up and taking time to be still.

Centering prayer is 30 minutes of silence. We let our minds empty out and be still. It takes practice as the mind tends to bounce from thought to thought but eventually you can get into the silence and feel God’s presence. My first thoughts were mostly anxious about getting everything done (and hopefully before midnight). The 30 minutes felt like eternity. Eventually I relaxed and became enveloped in the prayer of silence.

It was amazing how energized we were when we finished. The rest of the pieces came together; I had my videotaped interview, the labels posted on the wall. Everything came together just as it was supposed to and I was driving home as evening fell.There’s a lesson in all that. Just when we think we don’t have time to stop and pray… stop and pray! We all have experienced those times when we don’t think we have time—not even time to pray. Yet it was just the respite this priest needed in the course of a hectic day. May we find time to be still and know…,

Grateful for all that you are and all that you do,

I am

Yours in Christ,


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