The New Year

Dear Friends in Christ,

Happy New Year! It has been the Fleming tradition to open our Christmas cards on Christmas Day. We spend the evening catching up with old friends. We have on occasion missed a holiday invite so I now give them a sneak peak. It is fun to catch up the year’s highlights of people we have met through our many travels. Having lived on four continents, and having had taught so many children, we have made lots of friends along the way. The letters come from all over the world. As I think of these people from my past I realize that at first we were all strangers in foreign lands and quickly became family to one another. That friendship happens almost without our knowing.

It’s much like that in our parish family. At first the guest in the pew is a stranger and at some point that guest becomes family. It’s a wonderful phenomenon. A relationship begins and lasting friendships built. And it starts with each of us making the invitation.

It’s also like that with Jesus Christ. I hope that the preparations made in Advent have brought Christ deeper in your life. As we enter into this New Year I pray that your relationship with Jesus is foremost in your life.

As we gather together for the annual meeting January 22nd we will reflect upon the year past. May we also look to the year ahead with excitement and holy expectation: What might this year bring to St. John of the Cross? What new ways will we be Christ’s hands and feet in the world today? How might our relationship with Christ enrich our lives and those we meet?

I look forward to the journey with my friends at St. John of the Cross. May we look to the future with hope, faith and trust that God will lead the way.

With my deepest gratitude for all that you do and all that you are, I am

Yours in Christ


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