Serving the Church

LAY READERS  A lay reader is a member of the congregation who reads one of two passages from Holy Scripture, typically one Old Testament reading and one New Testament reading, during a service.

CHALICE BEARER is one who assists with distributing the wine during Holy Communion. Any older youth or adult may become a lay reader or chalice bearer following training. It is an honor and solemn responsibility to present the sacred readings and distribute the wine in the context of worship.

WELCOMERS  Our ministry of Welcomers is a ministry of hospitality. Welcomers are the friendly faces for members of a parish’s family. To a newcomer, they are the first people to make a visitor feel at home. Without this friendly greeting the visitor can easily feel awkward and out of place. Welcomers can further a new visitor’s welcome by introducing them to other church members and accompany them to coffee hour, or to meet the clergy.

ACOLYTES  A sense of ownership. A feeling of belonging. A knowledge that you are part of group that serves. Those are the gifts that the Acolyte program offers to those that serve in this ministry.

Acolytes (meaning follower or one who serves) perform a variety of functions during a service: they light and extinguish the candles on the altar, lead the procession at the start of service, accept the offering plates, and assist the minister in preparation of the Eucharist. They are a vital component to our worship life at St. John’s. Anyone can begin their service to St. John’s when they are 10 years old at which point they will be given. They are given a thorough orientation.

MUSICIANS Terry Scott (Piano and Organ), Skip Barnett (Guitar), Mary Ann Bean (Flute), Joanna Dixon (Clarinet)

CHOIR  Anyone who wishes to praise God through song is welcome to join our choir. There is no audition, and remember, God is not a music critic: He loves all voices that praise Him, and, so do we. We sing all styles of music.

EPISCOPAL CHURCH WOMEN  The ECW (Episcopal Church Women) are a fellowship and service organization of St. John’s. The ECW hosts many events, including the Strawberry Social, Annual Christmas Bazaar, Mitten Tree, Backpack 2 School project, and annual Secret Angel lunch at Olive Garden. The money they raise supports local mission and ministry outreach efforts.

ALTAR GUILD  Initially, the Disciples set the Table for Eucharist, but as the Christian community grew they found it necessary to delegate the responsibility. Today, the Altar Guild of Saint John’s is responsible for preparing the Altar for Sunday Service, and Special Services such as baptisms, weddings and funerals. They decorate the church for the Advent, Christmas, Palm Sunday, and Easter liturgical holidays. Altar Guild members are all volunteers who consider this ministry to be a privilege and go about their duties reverently. They are honored to be in charge of setting the Lord’s table for each service, where the St. John’s family and its guests may join together for the Eucharistic meal.

TREASURER: Bob Hatley,Treasurer and Karen Hipsher give generously of their time in these roles.

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